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Monday, January 25, 2016

Naturally Sweet Challenge

Is sugar addicting?  
Well, it is not 100% determined if it is a chemical addiction.

Yet, the brain sees sugar as a reward.
The more you have it, the more you work to find it.  It can be a hard habit to break.
Simple ADDED sugars like those added to yogurt or soda give you a quick energy "high", but then it wears off quickly. NATURALLY present sweeteners like in fruit and unsweetened yogurts have fiber and protein to slow the blood sugar spike (and drop!).

DON'T FORGET...some dairy will have NATURAL sugar, so just look for ADDED sugar/sweetener in INGREDIENT LIST.

I don't like to call it a detox, but we can decondition our body from its learned response.
How?  Cut back or eliminate added sugar and sweeteners from your intake.
Yes, artificial sweeteners as well.

My next post I will briefly discuss the most popular artificial sweeteners.  
For now, 

  • Read ALL Labels
  • Eat more PROTEIN, especially at your first meal of the day
  • Do NOT Skip Meals
  • Trick the Craving- if you think you are craving sugar...
    • go play with your pup
    • read your book
    • do some YOGA
    • eat some melon
    • have some unsweet green tea
  • If you find yourself reaching for your coworker's candy dish- STOP for a minute and ASK yourself why...
    • are you bored
    • are you stressed
    • are you tired
I will post fun &helpful links via places like:

Feel free to post questions and comments on my blog or facebook.
I will answer as many as I can

See you on the mat, Traci Miller, RDN 
Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist